About the Founder

Hassan Nait Bella is a senior consultant at Energy Handle with 11 years of experience in the energy and energy efficiency sector. He has been involved in all solar megaprojects executed so far in Morocco. Hassan contributed to the “Moroccan 2050 Power to X roadmap development” project as a national expert, he conducted a study on behalf of the Moroccan Ministry of Industry to develop a new renewable energies industrial ecosystem, and he also conducted on behalf of “Cluster Solaire” a market study for solar applications in Morocco and he contributed to “ZENATA ecocity energy efficiency roadmap” elaboration. Hassan accumulated good technical skills and deep knowledge of the local context and energy perspectives in Morocco.

Hassan has a good knowledge of the hydrogen value chain, and Moroccan energy sector perspectives and has a good relationship with energy sector stakeholders.

     Hassan NAIT BELLA

   Founder of Energy Handle

Before Joining Energy Handle, Hassan was a country manager for a multinational solar EPC and before that he occupied project manager and technical responsible positions within Masen for more than 4 years. Hassan is used to work on international projects and with multinational teams.