Renewable Energies

Renewable Energies

Morocco and many African countries has adopted an energetic policy favorable to the development of renewable energies, in order to secure their energy supply in a context of strong growth in energy demand, to control the future costs of energy services and, finally, to preserve the environment by mitigating greenhouse gas emissions.

Energy Efficiency New Layer Energy Efficiency Morocco has adopted a National Energy Strategy in 2009, this last considers energy efficiency as a national priority aimed at achieving 12% energy savings by 2020 and 15% in 2030. We believe that there is a tremendous opportunity in developing energy efficiency in African countries, we even believe it is a responsibility rather than opportunity. Green Technologies Green Technologies Green technology has gained prominence in the past two decades. As the planet’s natural resources are drying up, the use of green tech seems to be the only knight in shining armor that can save us. The term is used for all the environmentally friendly technologies that doesn’t disturb or destroy the environment and natural resources.

Our Services and Expertise

Consulting and Engineering

We provide expertise at every stage of the project lifecycle: from feasibility, development, pre-construction, construction, operations to re-powering, and through all elements of due diligence.

Projects Execution

We hold the ultimate responsibility for designing, construction and operation of the solar power generation system. Our main target is to increase the installation speed and reduce labor costs and environmental impact.

Operation and Maintenance

Q&M is one of the most critical factors that drive a power plant to realize projected revenues. Our goal is to optimize power plants to produce the maximum amount of energy, and therefore revenue under their power purchase agreement.

Efficiency Audits

Energy audits are a powerful way to improve the energy efficiency and comfort of a home, business, or industrial plant. We help companies to identify and prioritize specific areas for energy efficiency improvement.

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Last released projects

Sumitomo (Japanese) - 20 MW CPV

Development of 20 MW CPV (Concentrator photovoltaics) project.

NOOR Tafilalt - COVEC (Chinese)

Technical consultant for the design and execution of a 120 MW PV project in Morocco (NOOR Tafilalt: 3 sites of 40 MW each).

Fondation Mohammed VI pour la protection de l’environnement - 90 solar kits

Design, supply and installation of 90 solar kits for rural schools not connected to grid.

University Hassan II of Casablanca - 200 KW PV with storage

Design, elaboration of RFP dossier and execution monitoring of 200 KWc PV plant with batteries.

Ministry of Industry, Investment, Trade and Digital Economy - Renewable energies Ecosystem

Development of an industrial ecosystem of renewable energies in Morocco.

Cluster Solaire - Green Projects Initiators
Coaching of green projects initiators.
Agricultural farms - Solar pumping projects
Execution and operation of many solar pumping projects for agricultural farms.

More about Energy Handle

New Energy Strategy

In a context of almost total energy dependence and an important fluctuation of energy price, Morocco has established a new energy strategy where the energy efficiency and renewable energies are place on the top priority.

The Founder

With this background and as a result of awareness and willingness of his founder, Mr Hassan NAIT BELLA, to contribute to Moroccan energy transition, Energy handle was created early 2018.

Sun, Wind, Water : Choose Eco Energy.

We believe our know-how and experiences could be very beneficial for Morocco and African countries and may help to overcome energies difficulties and barriers by proposing efficient solutions and assisting project owner for the success of their projects cost effectively.

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